Cell Therapy

Vie Bioscience specializes in the effective development of cGMP-ready, scalable manufacturing for suspension cultures of stem cell lines and primary adherent cell lines for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies.

Our unique expertise lies in culturing the following cell types using our proprietary and highly scalable microcarrier-based bioreactor system.

Cell Secretions

Contrasting with traditional monolayer plate-cultured adherent cells, microcarrier cell culture in a closed bioreactor system produces high-quality secretion products for scalable commercial manufacturing. Our in-house manufacturing solutions are tailored to meet client needs for selective cell secretions.

This is achieved by utilising various induction methods like media depletion, chemical triggers, and physiological conditions. The result is a potent, highly selective, stable, and safe cell secretion product with consistent batch-to-batch reproducibility.

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