To safeguard delivery of high-quality service, Vie Bioscience and our team of dedicated cell therapy specialists are committed to offering steadfast guidance throughout every phase of your process development journey, ensuring excellence at every step.

Technology Transfer

We expedite development timelines and streamline technology transfer by harnessing our expertise to design analytical methods and processes with a focus on cGMP and commercialization.

In facilitating the technology transfer of cell therapy processes into cGMP, we ensure seamless coordination and alignment of non-GMP equipment used in both process and analytical development with cGMP manufacturing units.

Our assistance extends to establishing a manufacturing process and analytical method development that aligns with the specific phase of development and anticipates future commercialization requirements.

Comprehensive Guidance

Navigating distinct bioprocessing requirements with each partner and client, our client-centric approach is meticulously designed to deliver services tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

In our pursuit of a clear understanding of your product’s attributes and the development of strategies for future commercialization, our cell therapy specialists construct a personalized roadmap.

This tailored approach not only helps in overcoming obstacles but also accelerates progress toward the successful commercialization of your therapy.

As your dedicated partner, our consultative services extend throughout your entire cell therapy journey. We offer customizable consultations and personalized guidance for process optimization, taking into account the size, scope, and clinical stage of your specific cell therapy product.

Consultative Services

Technology Transfer

Process Upscaling

Product Characterization

Product Stability

Product Shipping Validation

Analytical Method Development

Assay Development

Development of Cryopreservation Protocols

Project Management

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