At Vie Bioscience, we possess internal capabilities to craft customized solutions, optimizing the inherent advantages of the microcarrier platform for cell therapy product manufacturing with the goal of establishing a cGMP-transferrable process.

Our facility is equipped with a versatile suspension bioreactor system, accommodating a broad spectrum of both adherent and suspension cell cultures, supporting fed-batch and perfusion processes.

Experiment Design

Cell Selection

Isolation and Purification

Media Evaluation

Microcarrier Screening and Selection

Cellular Differentiation

Small-Scale Suspension Culturing (10mL-125mL)

Large-Scale Suspension Culturing (2L-50L)

Process Optimization

Microcarrier-Based Suspension Culture Process Development


Vie Biosciences has instituted downstream workflows designed to facilitate future scalability, ensure optimal process efficiency, and provide cGMP-transferable solutions that expedite our partners’ product development pipelines.

Our emphasis in downstream processing is centered on maximizing product yield while upholding the stability, safety, and potency of the final product.

Scalable Harvest Protocol Development

Scalable Volume Reduction and Washing

Cell or Cell Product Storage

Lyophilization of Cell Product

Aseptic Fill/Finish and Cryopreservation of Cell Product

Collection and Filtration of Secretions, EVs, and Target Proteins

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